GeneMANIA Help and documentation


Privacy policy

GeneMANIA is committed to user privacy. We do not store details of your searches or uploaded networks after you’ve finished using the site.

The data that you upload is considered private and will only be usable during your browser session. The private data will be discarded immediately (or within 24 hours) after your session ends. The private data will not be legitimately available to anyone else accessing the site from another IP address during or after this time.

The providers of this service may keep records of volume of usage for planning and scientific review purposes.

Logs of usage may also be kept for the purposes of monitoring and improving services, and measuring the impact a particular service has on our resources. These logs will be kept confidential and not made available for other purposes or to third parties.

The providers of this service will make every reasonable effort to maintain the confidentiality of the nature of the work being carried out by the user.

The providers of this service do not accept responsibility for the consequences of a third party illegitimately gaining access to private data during an upload session.


GeneMANIA is provided as a free public resource. We strive to reach a high level of quality, but can’t legally guarantee correctness, because all data is based on other public resources.

The providers of this service do not guarantee the accuracy of any data networks or the original data on which that they are based.

The providers of this service do not guarantee the suitability of databases or the services for any purpose.

Some of the original data used by the service may be subject to patent, copyright or other intellectual property rights that place restrictions on the use or redistribution of these data. It is the responsibility of the users of this service to ensure that their use of the service does not infringe on such rights and restrictions.

The providers of this service will attempt to maintain continuity of services and provide sufficient warning for changes or cancellations of services. However, the providers of this service do not accept responsibility for temporary or permanent unavailability of services.